Shopping&Spa Tour


DAY 01: Check in to your hotel in the afternoon for the start of your tour. In the evening your tour leader will brief you on the schedule of events for the next eight days. Overnight: Istanbul (D)

DAY 02: A full day tour will introduce you to the many memorable sights of this city strategically located at the crossroads of Asia and Europe. View the majestic Church of St.Sophia the greatest monument of the Orthodox Church erected in just five years of the Emperor Justinian's rule. South of St Sophia lies the Hippodrome, scene of Roman chariot races watched by tumultuous crowds of more than 100,000 people. Towards the southern end the Egyptian Obelisk dates from the 16"' Century BC whilst the serpentine column with the three bronze entwined serpents was brought here from Delphi during the reign of Emperor Theodosius. Enter the Blue Mosque where some 20,000 blue Iznik ceramic tiles create an ethereal atmosphere We visit Topkapi Palace housing the treasures of the Ottomans and the harem that served as the quarters for the sultan's wives and concubines. Overnight: Istanbul (B.L.D)

DAY 03: Flight to Izmir. We will drive to the incredible city of Ephesus and it's colossal Greek Theatre. This : particular theatre is still used for performances today. The Marble Road, the Celsus Library, and the temple of Diana are just a few of the things that we will be seeing We will also visit the house where Virgin Mary lived her final days. This tour includes a visit to an eth nic handcraft weaving centre. Overnight: Kusadasi (B.L.D)

DAY 04: Shopping visit to wine-house and lunch in Sirince. Sirince is known for its traditional 19th century village houses, some of which have been converted into guest-houses. Wine is produced in this small hillside Turkish village, which itself resembles an open-air museum. 8 km from Selcuk are wine-houses, for tasting the wines.

Visit jewellery and leather factory in Selcuk. The nearby town of Selcuk is dominated by a Byzantine citadel which stands close to the 6th century basilica of St. John built on the site of the Apostle's tomb. The 14th century Isa Bey Mosque, next to the basilica is accessed through its typical Selcuk portal. The archaeological Museum houses an impressive collection of statues and other finds recovered during the excavations of Ephesus. The nearby Turkish Bath Museum, built in the 16th century, shows Turkish life at the hamam ( bath ). After shopping drive to Pamukkale. Overnight: Pamukkale (B.L.D)

DAY 05: After breakfast tour to Hierapolis. Another greco-roman city "Hierapolis" is visited here with its incredible necropolis, the city of the dead... Visit Pamukkale world famous for it's calcium-carbonate travertines. Visit textile factories in Denizli. Late afternoon we will drive to Afyon. The province is located as a gateway between the Aegean sea and inner regions of Anatolia. The history of Afyon goes back to 4000 BC. The city is famous for its specific "Turkish Delight" and "Kaymak", a kind of hard cream put on desserts, which one should certainly taste at least once.

Afyon is a spa-center with thermal baths in Gazi Kaplicasi (25 km northwest), Gecek and Omerli Kaplicalari (18 km and 15 km northwest respectively), and Hudai Kaplicasi 73 km southwest of the town, Sandikli which is also famous for its mud baths, too. All these resorts have board and lodging facilities.

The Archaeological Museum and the War of Independence Memorial are places to visit in the city and to the North of Afyon there are Phrygian remains in the form of monumental cult rocks. Aslantas and Aslankaya are the largest of these. The lion relieves, which gave the name to these rocks are seen on sides of the rock and cult temples. Afyon Citadel which was built during the Byzantine period previously was used as a fortress by the Hittite King Mursil II, is another monument to see in the city. Overnight : Afyon (B.L.D)

DAY 06: Head to Bursa via Kutahya for tiles and porcelain. Kutahya city is one of the oldest cities, with Turkish traditions still being practiced today and important Ottoman architectural monuments including a castle, mosque, medreses, bath complexes, mausoleums and mansions. Ulu Mosque&castle offers a wonderful panoramic view of the old town on the western side of the city. Archaeology Museum, a Medrese in the 14th century, now displays ethnografia, Roman and Byzantine relics and tiles of Iznik and Kutahya from Ottoman times. The kilns of Kutahya produced exquisite ceramics in the 16th and 17th centuries -a craft which lives on today. You can visit the workshops where skilled artists produce tiles, plates and bowls renowned for their cobalt blue patterns on a milky white background then drive to Bursa. Overnight : Bursa (B.L.D)

DAY 07: In the morning Bosphorus cruise between two continents of Asia and Europe. Free afternoon. At night, a farewell dinner with belly dancing show. Overnight: Istanbul (B.L.D)

DAY 08: After breakfast end of the tour , transfer to the airport. (B)

Places and sights to be seen

• Bursa ; Green Mosque , Green Tomb and silk bazaar .

• Kutahya ; Tiles and porcelain factory. Ulu mosque, museum and castle.

• Pamukkale ; Hierapolis (Greco Roman city) and travertines.

• Kusadasi ; Ephesus , Virgin Mary's House

• Istanbul ; Hippodrome , Blue Mosque , St Sophia , Topkapi Palace, Bosporus Cruise , Dinner with belly dancing show.


Bursa Silk Bazaar , Kutahya tiles and porcelain factory , Denizli and Buldan textile factories , Kusadasi Carpet centre , Jewellery and leather factory .


Istanbul – Bursa 110 km + ferry trip

Bursa - Afyon/ 276 km

Afyon - Pamukkale 20 km

Pamukkale -/Kusadasi 170 km

Bursa , Afyon and Pamukkale are thermal centres and accommodations will be at thermal hotels. Beauty and Medical services are available at these hotels based on thermal springs.

The tour is flexible and can be extended/shortened upon request.

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