Ephesus Tour Day 1: Night bus to Kusadasi.

Ephesus Tour Day 2: Arrival to Kusadasi and start to full day Ephesus tour including lunch. First visit of Temple of Artemis, after that drive to Ephesus ruins and visit( Theatre Celsius Library, Agora, Odeon, Domitianus Temple, Trojan Fountain, Roman Latrine and more) It can be said that Ephesus is one of the most beautiful ancient cities in the world. In ancient times its favourable location at the mount of the Cayster River made it the foremost commercial city of a coastal region that also included the cities of Miletus, Smyrna & Pergamon, but the silting up of its harbour gradually resulted in the loss this pre-eminence. The city has been excavated for more than 100 years; the extensive remains are predominantly from the later Roman Period. Ephesus formed a focal point in the ancientworld because of its protected harbour and as a starting point for the royal road via Sardis to Susa. It was also a cult center attracting thousands of pilgrims for traditional worship of the female, first Cybele, then Artemis and finally the Virgin Mary in the Christian period. Ephesus was also home for the early philosopher Heraclitus. Break time for lunch. In the afternoon continue the tour by visiting House of Virgin Mary. (The stigmatized German nun Anne Catherine Emmerich who ad never been to Ephesus had a vision of the House of the Virgin Mary and described it in detail to the German writer Clemens Bretano who later published a book about it. Catherine Emmerich died in 1884. In 1891 Paul, Superior of the Lazarists from Izmir read about her vision and found little building, which corresponded with Emmerich's descriptions. Archaeological evidence showed that the little house was from the 6C AD but that the foundations were from the 1C AD. This place was officially declared a shrine of the Roman Catholic Church in 1896 and since then, it has become a popular place of pilgrimage, Pope Paul VI visited the shrine in 1967.) After the Lunch, departure for Sirince village. (The charming mountain village of Sirince is situated in a remote spot among the mountain peaks 7 kilometre - 4 miles from the town of Selcuk. The village is so beautiful that, contrary to the general tendency, migration to the village is from nearby towns or cities. Sirince was originally a Greek Village. As part of the peace settlement after the Greeks were defeated in Turkey in 1922, a formal exchange of populations was agreed upon. As a result Turkey received about 500.000 Muslim Turks from Greece in exchange for nearly 2 millions Greeks who had bee n displaced since 1912. The Greek population of the Sirince Village migrated to Greece as part of this exchange program. Their houses are the same old houses, though some have been restored and others converted into guesthouses. Today the village is under conversation to retain its authentic appearance and offers visitors original views and nice experiences) Overnight in Kusadasi. (L)

Ephesus Tour Day 3: After breakfast, departure from the hotel for your full day Priene (Visit the Priene to see the remains of the magnificent Athena Temple, built in the 4th century BC with the financial help of Alexander the Great. Considered a model of the lonic style, this temple has played a significant role in the history of architecture. View the ruins of the oldest theatre in Anatolia (3rd century BC), which seated over 5.000 spectators. Also see the gymnasium, the stadium and the agora (marketplace). The center of commercial and political life, the agora richly decorated with statues, which are still visible today. Miletus (Miletus, an ancient city that once was linked to Didyma by a 10 mile long Sacred Way. Stone lions, sphinxes and statues of seated priests and priestesses flanked this holy way. Explore the ruins of Miletus, including the theatre, thermal baths and stadium. The stadium was built by the Greeks and later enlarged by the Romans to hold 15.000 spectators seated on elevated tiers.) & Didyma tour. (Didyma where the guests will enjoy a sumptuous lunch featuring local specialty dishes and wine in a nearby Turkish restaurant before exploring the oldest park of the city. Marvel the majestic Temple of Apollo, one of the great monuments of antiquity. Legend says that Apollo was infatuated with a handsome shepherd named Branchus. In gratitude, Branchus built an altar to Apollo and received the gift of divination. He then established the first oracular shrine at Didyma. It is believes the first Temple of Apollo was constructed in 560 BC. This archaic temple was replaced by the Hellenistic temple, which i s evident today. Begun by Alexander the Great, work on the temple continued for nearly 500 years, only to cease when Christianity forbade the consulting of oracles. Observe the Temple's exquisite giant columns and the huge mass of marble.) Night bus to Istanbul. (B-L)

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• 1 night hotel accommodation in Kusadasi on Bed & Breakfast basis.

• 1 full day Ephesus tour including lunch.

• 1 full day Priene, Miletus & Didyma tour inc. lunch.

• Guiding & all entrance fees.

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